Women Rectors Across Europe
Women Leadership in Higher Education

The first conference on “Women Academics Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Women Rectors across Europe” was organised and hosted by Istanbul Technical University on 11th of November 2008. In that conference we shared experiences and developed new ideas to improve the conditions for women academics to remove the barriers for horizontal and vertical segregation. The participants of the first conference agreed upon furthering this exchange and establishing a network by holding similar conferences regularly in the future.

Istanbul Technical University is happy to announce the second conference on “Beyond The Glass Ceiling: Women Rectors Across Europe Women Leadership In Higher Education” which will be held in Istanbul on 12-14 April 2010.

Women academics' under-representation at top levels of administration in universities is undoubtedly a serious problem across the world. The objectives of this conference is to examine the position and the experiences of women in higher educational administration and discuss the strategies that have been used to improve the inclusion of women at this level. The conference aims to achieve these objectives through analysis and comparison of different international practices and policies.